Mission / Vision


We want to achieve that everybody, including you, reach the daily recommended intake of fruit and vegetables.



Helping the consumer reach the daily-recommended intake of fruit and vegetables through Smart-snacking during the day with reclosable, handy, recognizable and branded packaging.



  • We help the retailers and foodservice fulfil their responsibility to provide their consumers with healthy food by providing it in reclosable SkirtAll packaging;
  • The SkirtAll packaging sparks the consumers’ attention through its eye-appeal. An attractive look makes the customer more likely to purchase the product and live more healthy;
  • Smart-snacking packaging are user friendly so they are easy to take with you to school, work and exercise or simply at home;
  • SkirtAll packaging increases the sales volume for the Retailer by selling more healthy products to the consumer;
  • With Body&Brains and/or SkirtAll Retailers not only increase their financial results and marketshare, but the Retailer is also helping their customers to eat more healthy


Body&Brains is the first brand packed in SkirtAll with reclosable sticker. Since the sticker is reclosable it allows Smart-snacking during the day. In the future strategic clients/partners worldwide will also be allowed to use the SkirtAll under Private Label and with Co-Branding.