Mission / Vision


We want to achieve that everybody, including you, consumes more pure food and reaches the daily recommended intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.



Helping the consumer reach the daily-recommended intake of fresh fruit and vegetables through Smart-snacking during the day with reclosable, handy, recognizable and (co) branded packaging.


One of our most important, but also the most difficult goal, is to make children, adolescents and young adults eat more fresh produce during their education.

Besides Fresh F&V we are developing a range of Smart-Snack bars and Smart-Drinks. All without E-numbers, artificial additives and added sugar. With the availability of healthier beverages and delicious energy and snack bars, we want to help steer towards a more vital society.


The challenge is the availability of healthy snacks and beverage at schools, colleges and universities, offices, canteens, petrol stations, etc and this with affordable prices.



  • More Fresh Produce in the shopping cart
  • Taking responsibility together with retailers, foodservice, growers and fresh produce organizations to fulfill our common responsibility to provide our consumers with healthy snacks
  • More SkirtAll packaging on the shelves that sparks the consumers’ attention through its eye-appeal. An attractive look makes the customer more likely to purchase the product and live more healthy. These packagings are user friendly so they are easy to take with you to school, work and exercise or simply at home. Besides the eye-appeal=buy-appeal effect, SkirtAll is also easy to open for visually impaired people, young children and elderly people who often have problems to open consumers packs.
  • Vendor machines with only healthy Smart-Snacking products available at schools, colleges, universities, offices, canteens, petrol stations, etc.
  • Intensive collaboration with healthy organizations that are struggling and/or making efforts to help the consumer eat more F&V
  • Significant more sales of fresh F&V at the retailer
  • More SmartSnacking packagings on the shelves that are user friendly so they are easy to take with you to school, work and exercise or simply at home
  • More sustainable packaging for a better environment
  • Collaboration and partnerships with other industries that support a more healthy lifestyle


Body&Brains is the first brand packed in SkirtAll with reclosable sticker. Since the sticker is reclosable it allows Smart-snacking during the day. SkirtAll is available today for Private Label and with Co-Branding of SmartSnacking℠ and Body&Brains®